在LBMC, our 内部审计 services give you a detailed look at your company’s processes to make sure everything is running smoothly and securely. We focus on checking whether the financial and non-financial info your business uses is accurate, 帮助您了解您的业务所处的位置. 明升体育app下载审核涵盖了从日常运营到遵守法律等一系列领域, 旨在发现潜在风险并提出改进建议.

明升体育app下载团队在IT和网络安全审计方面也很熟练,这是至关重要的. We’ve been helping businesses like yours ensure their IT setups are safe and effective, covering everything from regular system checks to compliance with regulations like SOX, 甚至还有云安全审查. Whether it’s checking your financial systems or making sure your cybersecurity is up to par, LBMC提供您保持业务正常运行和安全所需的见解.


我们和LBMC合作好几年了, 这有助于我们年复一年地保留所需的IT审计专业知识. 技术的变化是迅速的, 在内部寻找和保留这些专业知识将是一个挑战.


The creation of an 内部审计 function is often viewed as a luxury by many companies, 而且他们负担不起. But the truth is that an internal audit is actually a function most companies cannot afford not to have.

1. 独立评估.

An internal audit function provides independent assessments for key processes and systems (and transactions) within a company. Since internal audit functions typically report to the audit committee of the board of directors, this helps to ensure that the audit committee and board as a whole has the information necessary to perform their roles effectively. It is often difficult for the audit committee to have its “feet on the ground” within a company. Internal audit is often the eyes and ears for the audit committee on a day-to-day basis.

2. 改善控制环境.

With an effective internal audit function participating in the monitoring of financial, 公司的运营和合规领域, 全面改善防控环境. If process owners don’t believe their activities will be reviewed by internal audit, they may be less motivated to ensure that all related internal control activities are performed in accordance with senior management and Board directives. Furthermore, an internal audit function is often a deterrent for fraudulent activities.

3. 人才来源.

最后, internal auditors typically review all key processes on a frequent basis and nonkey processes on a less frequent basis. As such, auditors develop detailed knowledge on how key processes and systems operate. 仅基于这一点, an internal audit function typically serves as an excellent talent pool from which key positions within the company may be filled. 更重要的是,内部审计师通常会形成一种“过程”的心态. This enables them to see the big picture of how processes and systems work together, 让他们看到他们所做的对整个公司有什么好处. This should make them more valuable to the company in roles after they leave the IA function.

这些只是利用经验的几个好处, 内部审计功能完善. 大多数成功的公司都有内部审计职能. 事实上, the New York Stock Exchange requires listed companies to have an internal audit function, 纳斯达克最近也在讨论增加类似要求的想法.

There are a variety of ways to create an internal audit function — staffed entirely with internal resources, 由内部和外部专业人员组成, 或者完全外包给专业服务公司. 不管你如何创造它,你的公司都会从中受益.



  • 促进风险评估: 与公司管理层合作,评估和优先考虑风险.
  • 内部控制评价: 评估和测试现有的控制, 并确定财务方面的改进, 操作, 以及遵从性领域.
  • 文件和审查: 记录流程和系统流程, as well as conducting a “best practices” review of existing audit functions to pinpoint areas for enhancement.
  • 定向财务审计: Performing audits on specific financial processes as directed by management or audit committee findings from risk assessments.


  • 网络安全审计: Conducting IT risk assessments, cybersecurity audits, and developing related audit plans.
  • 加强资讯科技审核: Providing IT internal audit staff augmentation and support for Sarbanes-Oxley readiness and ongoing compliance.
  • 专业IT审计: 处理IT一般控制的独立审计, 安全配置, 脆弱性管理, 以及威胁管理.
  • 过程和供应商审核: 审查IT流程,项目实施,并进行供应商审核.
  • 文件和合规性: 记录IT流程和内部控制, 基于风险评估结果的技术审计目标, 以及管理层和审计委员会的具体要求.



Proactive companies use internal audit functions to help establish and maintain an effective control environment. They understand that internal audit not only provides significant knowledge and expertise in the areas of risk identification and control implementation, but it helps to communicate the importance of internal controls to personnel throughout the organization.



  • 合规和控制评估: Assisting management with the documentation and assessment of internal controls as mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 识别重大的操作风险.
  • 操作的改进: Identifying weaknesses within the company’s control environment and pinpointing problem areas in operations to reduce waste and inefficiency.
  • 文档和沟通增强: 开发全面的流程和系统文档, 改善运营单位与公司管理层之间的沟通.
  • 专业知识和效率: Accelerating audit timelines by supplementing your team with additional resources or specialized expertise, 利用内部可能无法获得的技术知识, 并确保对审计的综合价值有清晰的认识.


  • 专业网络安全支持: Providing access to LBMC cybersecurity experts across multiple disciplines to address specific security needs.
  • 高级合规和安全审计: Utilizing industry sector and compliance specialists who understand the unique challenges of your business, 特别是在IT风险等领域, 数据隐私, 和网络安全.
  • 提高审计质量: Reviewing reports and findings with a perspective shaped by industry-leading practices to ensure the highest quality and relevance.
  • 成本效益: Offering competitive rates while delivering unparalleled experience in the market, 在不影响质量的前提下确保具有成本效益的解决方案.



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